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Legislative Affair Committee


Legislative Affairs Committee: A New Beginning

The closing of the Student Senate For California Community College’s first decade was finally marked with success in the California State Legislature as the hard work put forth by the then External Affairs (EA) Committee of the 2015-2016 term had for the first time seen an SSCCC-sponsored bill, AB 1995, became California law. An Assembly bill whose policy was conceived and affirmed exclusively from our very General Assembly - proving the SSCCC framework actually did work!

The newly-established Legislative Affairs (LA) Committee that now inherits the legacy and responsibility left behind by the former EA Senators to consolidate the momentum that is now available and readily accessible to take hold of so that we may continue to expand on future success in the State Legislature. In order to do so though, we must be able to develop a more formidable infrastructure with long-lasting mechanisms in place that will not only maintain the institutional integrity of our organized efforts, but will continue to grow in capacity to ascend the collective political power of the California Community College Student to new heights and take charge of the State Legislature.

For more information on the intent of this committee or it’s future, please email the Vice President of Legislative Affairs, Cameron Cowperthwaite, at