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Legislative Stances

What We Do

The SSCCC is recognized by the CCC Chancellor's Office, California State Legislature, Office of the Governor, California Student Aid Commission, and other state agencies as the official voice of students in legislative and policy advocacy. The SSCCC maintains legislative and policy advocacy as one of its mission’s three pillars of engagement and acts through Legislative Affairs Directors from each Region to facilitate the involvement of students in the same.

Legislative Reports


  • AB 2910 (Weber) - would guarantee an advisory vote for all student trustees.
  • AB 2190 (Medina) - would provide a vote to the second member on the statewide Board of Governors.
  • AB2884 (Berman) - would authorize community college districts to use restricted lottery funds to provide housing assistance and food assistance to students.  Sponsored with the Faculty Association of the California Community Colleges (FACCC).


  • AB2388 (Berman) - create a focus on a coordinated and integrated approach to address students’ basic needs.

Press Releases