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Regions of the Student Senate


Election of students to the SSCCC Board of Directors:

When a new SSCCC Director is elected, the acting Chair of the REGION will immediately notify the Interim Executive Director and Chancellor’s Office Liaison in writing with the following information:

  • Director’s Full Name
  • Name of College
  • Email Address of Director
  • Date of Election and attach the agenda and minutes from the meeting.  
  • Confirmation from the Chair that quorum was present at the Regional meeting when the election was completed.

     Chancellor's Office Liaison: Gina Browne -

     Interim Executive Director: Julie Adams -

Once all of the above information has been submitted and reviewed, the Chancellor’s Office will send all required documents to the elected Director.

The Director will have to meet all set deadlines to turn in forms or will not be eligible for that elected term. (Term defined by SSCCC starts July 1st ends Last day of June)

The Disclosure Statement must be submitted directly by the Director’s Advisor to the CCC’s Liaison (copying the Executive Director) no later than the five-day deadline from the date the forms are sent to the Director.

The Director’s File is not considered complete until all the required documents are turned in. Once the file is complete, the Chancellor’s Office (Liaison) will review the documents to determine eligibility. The verification will take place in a timely manner considering all other work, deadlines, and responsibilities.

If eligibility is met, the Director will be notified.  The Executive Director will determine the SSCCC Monthly meeting in which the Director will be sworn in, this all depends on travel request deadlines for logistics, cost, and venue count deadlines (food/room capacity, etc.).

If eligibility is not met Gina Browne will notify the student as well as the Executive Director of SSCCC. (This may take a while as Gina Browne may need additional information or simply fact-gathering time).